The impatient eye, looking at a griffed accessory, fails to perceive the care needed to produce the most precious leather it is made of. Tanning is a tough business. You choose it in difficult times or for passion. A trade of yesteryear, relegated to the margins of big cities, such as Florence, the Renaissance capital where the modern concept of luxury and culture were born.


It is here that in 1946, when Italy was eager to get back to life and prosperity, the Valori brothers, Bruno and Nello, created the first tanned hides with two old drums, laying down the foundations for what is now one of the best tanneries in the world.


Reliability and professionalism are the legacy the Valori brothers have left to their heirs, the tannery has grown, establishing itself in the production of hides in great demand today.


Bringing technical and technological innovations to the production system, the third generation of family values has managed to combine craftsmanship of an ancient method with careful quality control of modern production.