The long process of transforming a raw material into a pliable, sewable, wearable fabric requires an investment in patience and hard work. The sensual nature that we associate with leather arises from the more accurate tanning.



You cannot get refined hides from poor quality raw leathers.

The best tanners, such as Valori, select slaughterhouses that cared for the animals when alive. Is it shocking? Maybe. But it is important to understand that leather is a living material and should always be treated with love and respect. The climatic conditions, the care of the breeders and the quality of pastures are the basis for choice. The leather hides are as sensitive as our skin and, with the experience gained in decades, the Valoris know where to find and how to select the best ones.


Selection of the type of leather.

Valori only select the finest part of calf leathers. Of all cattle hides, dense and thick, these are the softer ones. Each leather hide passes under scrutiny, discarting the flawed ones and favoring those with more uniformity.



Treatments of leather hides are long and intense.



Valori often provides real color charts, foreseeing the trends for the coming seasons and proposing them to the designers of Italian and foreign maisons.



Saffiano, mirrored metallic, microcanage: Valori can meet every assignment’s requests.


External works.

Valori Conceria is greater than itself: around the tannery, there’s a dense network of collaborators, professionals and companies, ready to give their best on every project.